Kool Solutions can be found in more Pro Pits around the world, than any other Transmission Pit Cooler on the planet!  No ice required!  No mess, no fuss and never over cooled.  Kool Solutions can take your program to the next level of consistency.  

The best piece of equipment is the one that does it's job so well that you literally never have to give it any thought.  Let Kool Solutions do the thinking for you when it comes to keeping your transmission cool between rounds.  We have taken the hassle out of cooling your transmission.

Find out what the Pros know about keeping their transmissions cool and ready for battle. Plug our unit into your system and go on about the rest of your between round work with the peace of mind knowing that when it's time to make the call, Kool Solutions will have your transmission ready long before you need it.

We stand behind our product

Kool Solutions is the ONLY cooler on the market with a 2 YEAR bumper to bumper warranty!  We are very proud of our Transmission Coolers and handle every sale like it's the only customer we have.  By doing so, it assures that you get the very best product that we can produce.

No Mess No Hassle!

Kool Solutions has the only self contained plug and play system sold.  Our coolers never need bag after bag of ice or over cools like other ice coolers.  Just plug our unit up and forget about it while you do your between round maintenance. 


We are happy to answer any questions you may have, give us a call! (865) 803-2981